[The Lady Vanishes]

The Lady Vanishes is, I think, the only Hitchcock in the Janus festival. The majority of the film takes place on a moving train, and is surprisingly funny, but that doesn’t make it any less suspenseful. I hadn’t seen it before, and I would be interested in seeing it again, not only because I enjoyed it immensely, but because I’d like to see exactly how tight of a script it is, the significance of other throwaway-looking moments.

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  1. horvendile says:

    I love the Lady Vanishes. I always try and remember the melody. The two English Cricket Fanatics got their own spinoff film.

  2. letterboxed says:

    Oh man! I had no idea! I pulled up Basil Radford & saw -three- other movies with Caldicott & Charters. I wonder if I can actually get ahold of any of them. They were such fun characters 🙂

  3. horvendile says:

    I’ve seen at least one of them on TCM or maybe AMC back when it was good.

  4. letterboxed says:

    I very much miss the glory days of AMC. I never had TCM, but I always wished for it.

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