Sundance favorite Once started screenings this month. I saw it at MOHAI, complete with a Q&A with the director & stars and a mini-concert, which was pretty awesome.

As for the movie itself, also awesome! It’s technically a musical, but as it’s about musicians it’s totally organic & real, not cheesy. I mean, I enjoy the cheese, but this isn’t that kind of a musical. Very touching & satisfying. Yay!

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  1. dorrie6 says:

    Paul and I were looking at this, and it seemed like something we would like. I’m glad to hear you have good things to say!

  2. letterboxed says:

    Ooh, yeah I think you guys will like it a lot 🙂 I am kind of in love with the vaguely-soundtrack-esque album.

  3. dorrie6 says:

    Yes! We listened to some of that on iTunes! I think Paul was considering buying it, even without having seen the film!

  4. dorrie6 says:

    Ha! I am informed, in fact, that he has already bought it!

  5. letterboxed says:

    Hee! In that case, you’ll definitely like it 😀

  6. dorrie6 says:

    Unfortunately, the closest it is playing is Boston. 🙁 Which isn’t impossible, but is a big production with finding someone to deal with Lucy, etc. Argh.

  7. letterboxed says:

    For what it’s worth, it won’t lose anything on DVD. Except that you’ll have to wait.

  8. dorrie6 says:

    Good to know.

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