[In theater part one: paid & current]

I saw a bunch of stuff in between when I stopped posting on LiveJournal and when I finally managed to get this space up. Let’s discuss, in brief and also in four parts!

Here are movies I paid to see, which actually came out more-or-less recently. Like in the past three months.

* There Will Be Blood. I don’t think I can add anything to the conversation about this movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I think Paul Dano’s performance was fantastic and sadly overlooked.

* The Savages. Messy & real & difficult to watch for anyone who has a turbulent relationship with their parents. Which is basically all of us, yeah?

* Persepolis. Gorgeous. See it. Go! Now! It was totally robbed by fucking Ratatouille at the Oscars.

* Girls Rock! When it ended, a woman in the audience said, “I want to go to Rock Camp!” Me too, man, me too. Loved it to bits.

…more soon!

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One Response to [In theater part one: paid & current]

  1. miriam says:

    i miss you. & your infallible taste, too.

    (this was a conversation at my house about a month ago. mike, renita & i had just finished watching mike’s dvd of superbad, which mike & i had seen twice before & renita had never seen.
    renita: wow, i can’t believe how good that was. it looked so dumb when it came out… but then when jaci liked it so much, it made me curious to see it.
    mike: that’s exactly why miriam wanted to see it. )

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